Private Client Wealth Management


Current trends suggest that financial advisory firms of the future (“robo advisors”) will become larger and more impersonal. However, at Keeley Teton we feel that many investors still seek the “high touch” service of a firm with very knowledgeable and experienced advisors to help clients achieve their investment goals. We serve many wealthy individuals including corporate executives, attorneys, physicians, business owners, family trusts and others. Certain triggering life events often serve as an impetus for clients to seek our services:

  • Pending retirement (ag, rollover of retirement plan assets)
  • Relocation
  • Inheritance
  • Sale of a business or real estate


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At Keeley Teton

At Keeley Teton, we offer personalized, transparent and unbiased advice. Our advisors are highly experienced and have access to a wide array of Wall Street Research as well as the knowledge and insight of all of the portfolio managers and analysts on our entire investment team. Years of experience have taught us that the personal relationship between a client and their advisor is critical to success. As such, we consult with you regarding your entire financial situation to develop an investment plan that is right for you. On an ongoing basis we monitor your portfolio for rebalancing in accordance with established parameters. Our goal is to serve as the central point of communication for our clients to ensure that their financial needs are fully understood and appropriately met.

Our Promise

We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor and we follow the fiduciary standard by acting in good faith and your best interest at all times. We firmly believe in the following:
  • In putting our client’s interest first
  • In being our client’s trusted advocate
  • In being good stewards of our client’s wealth both now and for future generations
Only financial advisors who are Registered Investment Advisors are held, by law, to a fiduciary standard. Financial advisors who accept commissions (brokers, insurance salesman) are usually not fiduciaries and may be influenced to act in their own best interest.

Why Hire Keeley Teton Advisors?

Personalized Portfolios: Hiring Keeley Teton gives you the benefit of professional securities management while preserving the ability to customize your portfolio to meet your specific objectives.

Expertise: You control the objectives and the management style of the portfolio. Keeley Teton applies its experience, knowledge and insight to the day-to-day supervision and management of assets, as well as to the ongoing buy/sell decision making process. Unlike many independent RIA’s, the advisors at Keeley Teton have access to a full complement of Wall Street Research and work closely with all of the portfolio managers and analysts on our investment team.

Monitoring: You will receive regular monthly statements as well as a quarterly portfolio performance analysis that clearly illustrates how your portfolio is performing relative to various market indices.

Tax Planning: Since your account is handled on an individual basis, you maintain ownership of the assets in your account. All gains and losses are yours and are available for you to take, defer, or use in offsetting taxes as best meets your particular situation.

Fee Structure: Our fees are based exclusively on the assets in your account—not the number of trades made. As a fee-only advisor, we receive no commission for the purchase or sale of any financial assets, products or services ensuring that all of our recommendations are made solely because we believe they are in your best interest. Overall fees are less than that of an average mutual fund.

Safety: All of your assets are always held in your name in an insured account with a brokerage company (Fidelity Investments is our preferred provider), or with a bank or trust company. Keeley Teton Advisors, LLC holds no customer assets in its name.

Investment Professionals – Private Client Group

Mark E. Zahorik, CFA
Mark E. Zahorik, CFA
Managing Director / Portfolio Manager
Robert H. Becker, CFA
Robert H. Becker, CFA
Portfolio Manager