Since their inceptions, both Teton Advisors, Inc. (Teton) and Keeley Teton Advisors, LLC (Keeley Teton) have been pioneers in small, mid and micro-cap, active, value investing. The two share a common investment approach which utilizes disciplined bottom-up, fundamental analysis in the search for inefficiently priced equities.

The transformational purchase of Keeley Asset Management Corp. by Teton in March 2017, combined two well-established active, asset managers into a single, scalable investment firm.

The combined entity (the Firm) employs a collaborative research process across its investment teams, allowing for enhanced idea generation and increased company coverage through collective research discussions. The Firm also benefits from a stronger operational infrastructure that not only leverages management and operational synergies but also enhances value for both clients and stakeholders.

A common distribution platform provides the opportunity to segregate the institutional and retail sales, marketing and servicing efforts to improve communication and outreach to clients and prospects, expand efforts into the institutional channel and capitalize on the momentum that exists in the retail oriented channels.

Our offerings include:

  • Five separate account strategies
  • Five approved SMA products offered through multiple platforms
  • Nine mutual funds under the TETON Westwood1 and KEELEY Funds1 brands
  • Keeley Teton Advisors, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teton Advisors, Inc. (OTC: TETAA)

    1Keeley Funds and Teton Westwood Funds are distributed by G.distributors, LLC