Dividend Value Approach

Mid Cap Dividend Value


Long-term capital appreciation and current income through investments in small and medium capitalization companies that we believe are undervalued and typically pay a dividend; companies generally have a market capitalization within the upper and lower boundaries of the Russell Mid Cap Value Index at time of purchase.


We seek to capitalize on the opportunities for long-term value creation that investing in smaller and mid-sized companies can offer, while mitigating the volatility typically associated with companies of this size through a focus on dividend-paying stocks. In challenging investment environments, we believe the quality of our dividend-focused portfolio—coupled with our attention to valuation—should provide some degree of downside market protection.


We employ a fundamental bottom-up approach to stock selection. Our objective is to find companies with strong franchises and management teams, sound finances and ample cash flow that are trading below our assessment of intrinsic value.

Portfolio Management

Thomas E. Browne, Jr., CFA
Portfolio Manager
33 years experience
Brian P. Leonard, CFA
Portfolio Manager
20 years experience

Dividend Value Approach

We believe dividends reflect a company’s financial health. By focusing on dividend-paying companies, we seek to mitigate the volatility typically associated with small- and mid-cap equities. With this focus and our attention to valuation, our portfolios are built to capture growth while attempting to provide some degree of downside market protection.

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