Market perspective and insights from our research team

Semi-Annual Dividend Tracker Update

Semi-Annual Dividend Tracker Update We are pleased to share with you our Semi-Annual Keeley Teton Dividend Tracker Report, outlining our thoughts on the universe of dividend-paying stocks. In Summary: We tend to see a bit more churn at the mid-year update because of the rebalancing of the Russell indices just before this time frame. This […]

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Semi-Annual Dividend Tracker

Semi-Annual Dividend Tracker Our second installment of the Keeley Teton Dividend Tracker finds continuing improvement in the universe of dividend-paying stocks. While the percentage of stocks that pay dividends has not increased, the payers are paying more. Furthermore, performance of the dividend payers improved nicely and outpaced that of the overall universe. Our feature in […]

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Opportunities in the Housing Cycle

Opportunities in the Housing Cycle When the housing bubble burst in the early part of this century, new housing starts plummeted. A weak economic recovery, a large supply of repossessed homes, falling home prices, and stringent mortgage underwriting standards suppressed demand for single family homes. In addition, the demand boost expected from the huge wave […]

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Keeley Teton Dividend Tracker

Keeley Teton Dividend Tracker Companies that cut their dividends amid last year’s pandemic and where are they now? For twelve years, the team at Keeley Teton Advisors has managed strategies focused on small- and mid- cap companies that pay dividends. We think we have learned a few things about this subsegment of the equity market […]

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Semiconductor Surge

Semiconductor Surge   ​​​​​​Increased Semiconductor Demand While semiconductor-related shares notably retreat from momentum-driven highs, fundamentals are solidifying into an enduring growth cycle, providing discerning investors with long term opportunities. The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, from disrupting our daily routines to supply chain disruptions in almost every industry. Semiconductors were […]

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Energy Evolution, Shareholders and Environment Benefit

Energy Evolution, Shareholders and Environment Benefit   U.S. Exploration and Production Industry, has it learned to be responsible? The process we employ to manage the Keeley Small-Mid Cap Value Fund focuses on companies undergoing significant corporate restructuring. Sometimes, however, we see clusters of opportunity when entire industries rationalize and become more disciplined. While the Energy […]

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