Finding Opportunity in Inefficient Markets

The Firm is committed to uncovering value by focusing on companies that are misunderstood or ignored by the market.

As active investors, we think independently and focus on identifying short-term market inefficiencies in our efforts to generate long-term alpha.

Bottom-up fundamental analysis, is used to identify companies that are:

Underappreciated and misunderstood

Many companies we follow have little or no Wall Street research coverage, which fuels uncertainty and causes stocks to become temporarily undervalued.


Short-term neglect allows us to focus on developing an in-depth understanding of a company’s fair market value and long-term prospects.

Fundamentally strong

It is our goal to identify and invest in companies demonstrating strong business models, solid growth potential and reasonable valuation parameters, before other market participants.

This investment focus plays to the Firm’s strengths: our research capabilities and decades of experience unlocking value in companies over the full market cycle. We apply the core tenets of our philosophy to all of our investment styles to meet the objectives of our clients.