Distinctive, Opportunistic & Repeatable Process

The quality of our strategies is rooted in our commitment to following disciplined, consistent, and repeatable processes. While each team utilizes a distinct approach, all teams are collaborative and utilize proprietary, bottom-up, fundamental research.

1 Idea Generation

The research team is responsible for generating and evaluating new ideas, as well as for developing and documenting the Investment Case for all potential holdings. Investment opportunities are identified through both qualitative analysis and quantitative screens.

2 Research Process

Once a potential addition to the portfolio is identified, additional fundamental valuation and analysis is conducted. Analysts present the Investment Case to the entire Investment Team for discussion. All investment decisions are generally formed through consensus, but are ultimately the responsibility of the Portfolio Managers.

3 Portfolio Construction

Portfolios are diversified by sector, origin of cash flow, and catalyst for value creation. In building and managing our portfolios, we seek to maximize overall return while mitigating risk. Positions are constantly monitored and evaluated against our sell criteria.

4 Risk Management

Each investment team analyzes risk at both the position level and the portfolio level. The sell discipline is used to ensure positions are continuously monitored evaluated.