Value Approach

Small Cap Select Value


Long-term capital appreciation through investments in small capitalization companies that we believe are undervalued. Companies generally have market capitalizations of $100 million to $3 billion at time of investment.


We seek to identify high quality, undervalued companies with a catalyst to positively reset expectations within the next one to three years and, ultimately, lead to long-term appreciation. We believe that shorter investment horizons, fragmented analyst coverage, and increased passive investing have contributed to added opportunities for misplaced investor expectation and undervalued stocks.


Applying a fundamental, bottom up stock selection process we leverage a history of internal research by a long-tenured team. For inclusion within the portfolio, we consider a variety of possible catalysts which are then applied to stocks which can be classified as one of four “value categories”: Undervalued Growth, Turnaround, Undervalued Asset, and Emerging Growth.


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Portfolio Management

Teton Advisors, Inc.

Nicholas F. Galluccio
Portfolio Manager
38 years experience
Scott R. Butler
Co-Portfolio Manager
18 years experience